Why Use TRW?

TRW is a market leader in the design and construction of durable, state-of-the art compression and retaining walls. With each new offering TRW consistently gives clients more of what they want: beauty, strength, and durability. We are constantly searching for new ways to build a better product for our customers. Our newest advancement, the Compression Wall, is unrivaled in the field of outdoor architecture. No matter what you're looking for, TRW is a smart choice for all of your wall-building needs.

Let TRW, a leader in innovative outdoor wall design, build a wall that will improve the image and value of your property. Ask any client--our walls are dependable, low-maintenance and highly effective. There's no more need to worry about walls bowing out or soil shifts. Both our time-tested retaining walls and our popular, cutting-edge Compression Wall technology eliminates those concerns so that you can focus on achieving the best design for your project. And with our superior workmanship, you can count on getting a product that will still be standing strong for generations to come.